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In my experience as a seasoned Spanish teacher and teaching program developer, I have found six main factors why for many students their learning of Spanish has not been and positive and effective experience.

1) A lack of time dedicated to learning the language or for revision. This can also be due to a lack of motivation to keep yourself committed on the right track in order to enjoy long term retention

2) A lack of purpose for sustainable efforts and devotion to cultivate the language

3) A lack of study skills. Although there are a few good Spanish language lessons and programs on the internet, a lack of study skills will severely affect your motivation and purpose

4) A lack of proper resources and teaching materials

5) The school and teaching methods employed were not designed to encourage conversations and speaking on a one-to-one basis

6) There are simply too many students in the classroom

We address all these points and support you to achieve your learning goals in an enjoable experience aimed at a long term retention of the language.



As a language teacher, I created AnasClassroom to share Spanish learning tips and techniques that have proven effective for my students

Ana Quetal, Founder and Expert Spanish Teacher