GCSE Spanish support in the UK with an online tutor

In my experience as a seasoned Spanish teacher and teaching program developer, I’ve found that for learning Spanish effectively one need to feel motivated by the learning process itself in order to remain motivated.

Most teachers try to present interesting materials to their students such as games, entertaining articles from celebrities or thought-provoking articles from the press.

While this is all fine they are not trying to focus their efforts on one of the most important aspect of learning and this is the learning or coaching process itself.

The coaching method itself must be self-motivating and self-rewarding for the student to remain interested in learning the language.

The teaching method must also ensure that the student is not overwhelmed by the materials.

Learning a language involves time and many things can occur in the life of a student who decides to undertake learning a language professionally (new jobs, moving home, decide to learn something else, etc…).

With Spanish GCSE support we will cover every topic you need and you are assured to improve your grades for GCSE Spanish. I will work with you and give you the main points you need to know with just half an hour of your time once or twice a week at a convenient time.

I will help you learn GCSE Spanish with an online support program tailored to your level in GCSE Spanish. You will be able to learn at the comfort of your home and online with a real tutor.

The goal is nothing less that an enriched and enjoyable experience aimed at a long term retention of the language.

Just access your classroom from your laptop or PC, and simply connect to SKYPE. It is easy and cost effective. Acquiring your new language skills will rocket your grades and brighten up your future.

You have the choice of a standard successfully proven course format or you can have the option of a personal tailored course to meet your own specific requirement. Whatever program you choose:

  • You will be able to learn and practice your Spanish on a one to one basis, easy, simply and effectively
  • You will interact with your personal human tutor, and be able to practice your Spanish communication skills
  • Each 45-minute lesson will take you closer to your own goal in as little time as possible
  • All our lessons provide you with different interactive practice exercises, reinforcing what you have learned and taking you to the next step until you reach your goal

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About Ana

Ana is fully qualified and experienced native speaker teacher ready to help you. She is experienced in teaching Spanish at all levels. Our other tutors are also experienced in teaching Spanish at all levels.

  • Spanish Beginner
  • Spanish Intermediate and Advanced.

For your Spanish lessons

When you book your lessons you will arrange the time and days of your lessons and course program. You will get real life situations in which you can practice your Spanish conversation skills, commencing from your very first lesson. So that your Spanish-speaking contacts on facebook or Twitter will begin to really like you.

You will experience interesting Spanish interactive materials and activities, which will be corrected immediately. Therefore it will always be fresh in your mind and clear as to what you did right and what needs improving.

You will have designed Spanish fill-in gap exercises relevant to your current lesson, in order to test your understanding of what has been taught to date. This way you can be assured you are enjoying a really cost effective solution.

For each lesson you will get Spanish reading material for you to practice your reading and compression skills. The is one of the key to long term retention.

You will receive writing assignments, again writing skills are highly necessary to ensure for your long term retention.

At the end of the lesson you will be able to save your lessons and exercises on your computer and revise them whenever you want. Therefore these lessons are invaluable because they can serve as a long term reference.

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As a language teacher, I created AnasClassroom to share Spanish learning tips and techniques that have proven effective for my students

Ana Quetal, Founder and Expert Spanish Teacher