Noticias – El plan rescate de los mineros chilenos

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El plan de rescate de los mineros chilenos.

See this video news in Spanish and learn about the plans to rescue the Chilean miners and the time that it would take to do so.
El rescate de los mineros atrapados bajo tierra en Chile podría demorarse hasta cuatro meses. Conozca los detalles de cómo planean traerlos a la superficie en este video de BBC Mundo.
See here below some details of the news in English to help you understand the news in Spanish.


The plan to rescue the 33 men in Chile nearly three quarters of a kilometre underground is a greater challenge. But, says John Urosek, who took part in the 2002 Quecreek mine rescue in Pennsylvania, it is not “mission impossible.”

The key to the operation is the use of a specialist drilling machine, designed to bore deep narrow holes through any rock to a depth of just over a kilometre.
1. First, a 33cm pilot hole is drilled down to the miners’ location
2. Next, the hole is “reamed” with a wider drill to a diameter of between 60 and 70cm. Debris falls down the hole to the bottom
3. Thirdly, a rescue capsule is lowered down to the men and each is slowly brought to the surface

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  1. victor villarreal

    3 years ago

    yo les compuse un corrido a los 33 mineros atrapados un verso dice asi corria el ano 2010, el mes de agosto empesava, a mas de 600 metros la mina se derrumbava, atrapando a los mineros, que en su interior se encontravan… si alguien quiere saber mas escribanme

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