Spanish Pronunciation Key and Alphabet Key


Important Tip: For successful pronunciation in Spanish keep the vowels short.
Consonants are constantly pronounced but some are modified when preceded or located in between certain letters.

Spanish Letter English Sound As in
a – el padre ah pad (with a short a)
e – tengo ay ten (with a short e)
i – no es el fin del mundo ee pronounced in between fin and me (short)
o – una foto oh pronounced in between fog and foe (short)
u – por gusto (for fun) oo good
ll – llamar la policía y Yankee
v – volver a casa ‘b’ at beginning of word, slightly softer ‘b’ between 2 vowels big, bag
ñ – hasta mañana (see you tomorrow) ny canyon
r – pero (but) almost like a ‘d’ when in between 2 vowels comer
rr – la terra r’ with a roll of the tongue any time there is adouble ‘rr’ it is pronounced with a stronger roll
d – delta almost like a th when in between 2 vowels delta
j – jugar hard h like the ch in the Scottish loch
g – gente g, sometimes a h go
qu – ¡qué noche! what a night! k Korea
ai / all / ay eye eye
z – zona like a soft ‘th’ (in most parts of Spain) theme
z, ce, ci ce, ci and z are pronounced ‘see’ in South America and some part of the south of Spain see

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a ah j hoh-tah r air-ay
b bay k kah rr airr-ay
c say l ay-lay s ay-say
ch chay ll ay-yay t tay
d day m ay-may u oo
e ay n ay-nay v oo-bay
f ay-fay ñ ayn-yay w doh-blay-bay
g hey o oh x ah-kees
h ah-chay p pay y ee-gree-ay-gah
i ee q koo z say-tah

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Note: The ‘ch’, ‘ll’ or ‘rr’ are no longer considered to be separate letters of the alphabet by the Spanish language academy.

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