GCSE Spanish oral examinations. The roll play.

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GCSE Spanish oral examinations. The roll play.
Are you ready for your Spanish exams? I am sure you have dedicated study time at school and at home to get the desired A or A+
Here some tips to remember
1. Listen carefully to the question
2. Answer it in one complete sentence. Give some sort of explanation
3. If you did not hear properly the question you can always ask your teacher to repeat it once more (¿Puedes repetir por favor?)
4. Fill confident and your efforts will be rewarded.

Let’s do a bit of practice with a role play. Your teacher will play the part of your friend and will speak first.

You are speaking to your Spanish friend about your summer holiday

Teacher : ¿Qué haces este verano?
Student : Este verano voy a ir de vacaciones a Barcelona con mis amigas Sarah y Liz
Teacher: ¿Para cuanto tiempo?
Student : Bueno, vay a ir por dos semanas.
Teacher: ¿Cómo vas a viajar ?
Student : Voy a viajar en avión, en Eassyjet.
Teacher : Muy bien
Student : ¿A ti te gustan las vacaciones ?
Teacher: Si, muchisimo.

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