why should we learn Spanish ?

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Why is important the Spanish language?

According to Encarta [1], Spanish (with 358 million native speakers) is the second most spoken language as a native speaker in the world, next only to Chinese. It is one of the 6th official languages of the United Nations which also counts English, Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), French, and Russian.

Although English predominates for business and economic purposes, there is a vast quantity of people and a large variety of professions that use Spanish for business transactions and negotiations throughout the world.

While the Hispanic population continues to rise steadily, we already have 500 millions Spanish-speaking people in the world today. Since Spanish is also the second commonly spoken language in the United States, it is no surprise so many native English speakers want to learn Spanish.

You can make learning Spanish a very enjoyable and rewarding experience if you apply yourself to a systematic approach to learning the language. For best results it is important that you feel motivated by the process.

In your pursuit of the language, learning Spanish presents several advantages. Be it just for the fun of learning another tongue or for any other purposes, learning Spanish will help you succeed for the following reasons:

Being able to speak Spanish can open your windows of career opportunities in many different industries like education, customer services, tourism, interpretation and translation, the medical and legal profession.

There are also another set of 24 reasons to speak Spanish, as 24 is the number of countries where Spanish is the official language. Speaking Spanish will greatly help you enjoy your travel and enhance your experience of the country.

Last but not least. Did you know that most people who learn another language experience a general improvement in memory from studying a language? Well studies prove it.

Knowledge of a language is an achievable goal.Spanish is the perfect language to include on a résumé  which will  increase your job’s potential possibilities. 

 If you want to increase your value to a company you will find that it can fulfil that goal. Spanish is the perfect language to include on a résumé.

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