Spanish Online

native Spanish tutors

Connect to our Online Spanish courses at a time and location that suits you best.

A efficient way of learning Spanish online

  • We teach Conversational Spanish with interactive materials and activities based on real life situations.
  • For 45 minutes you will connect to your own native Spanish tutor  
  • With our interactive whiteboard you will do fill-in gap exercises.
  • With our interactive  listening Spanish dialogues you will develop your listening and speaking skills. 
  • Your tutor will be there for you, helping you, immediately. 

What do you learn in our online lessons?

  • We teach you to read Spanish with selected reading of dialogues or articles about the Spanish customs.
  • You will learn to write in Spanish by complying with short writing  assignments, according to your Spanish level.
  •  You will receive writing assignments aimed at developing your writing skills so as to ensure long term retention of the language.
  • All activities and exercises are checked and corrected immediately by the tutor, so that you as the student, are able to have a fresh and clear mind as to what you did correctly and what needs to be improved.

What are the benefits of leaning Spanish online ?

  • The online lessons is a very convenient way of learning Spanish, no need to put extra time for travelling arrangements.
  • You  have your own Spanish tutor.
  • You will learn Spanish to be able to socialise with Spanish speakers next time you go to visit Spain.
  • learning Spanish will maintain your brain active and healthy.
  • Interact with confidence with the business Spanish community, by making presentations or asking questions in Spanish. 
  • You  could mention Spanish a second langue in your CV and improve your employment prospects.

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