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Learn to speak fluent Spanish in no time,  in one of our one-to-one or small groups’ Spanish conversation courses. 

Spanish Conversation lssons

We aim to get our students  speaking Spanish in no time, so in every lesson each student  will learn something new to say in Spanish and use it in their next lesson. You will acquire confidence and enjoy the process of learning Spanish, discovering new talents in yourself, like being able to learn a new language with very little effort. Your tutor is always there to help you in your Spanish pronunciation and forming sentences.As a student you will be amazed by your learning abilities.

one-to-one lessons

On a one to one basis you will interact/converse in Spanish with your tutor who will guide you all the way through your process of learning, making sure you are comfortable in your learning and you are forming sentences with a Spanish accent as much as possible by imitating what your Spanish speaker teaches during the lessons.

small groups lessons

Learn Spanish in one or our  interactive groups of 2+ students where the tutor encourages active participation of each of the students, promoting among the them the Spanish  conversation skills.

Spanish for business

This is a Spanish conversation course geared to teach you to understand and be understood by your Spanish counterparts in business situations.

  • You will learn key phrases in Spanish to start  and continue a conversation in your field. 
  • you will learn in Spanish to ask the right questions and feeling  more in control of the situation.

And be successful when:

  • Given powerful Spanish presentations and speeches.
  • Passing Spanish language job’s interviews.
  • Using Spanish to get better job.

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