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Learn to speak Spanish in no time. More than 20 years teaching adults Spanish, a wealth of teaching resources and a great rate of success all over London and UK

Range of Spanish Lessons to suit your interest

Our Spanish  conversation lessons for adults can be in a one-to-one basis or small groups .

These lessons are for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced levels.

Our  Spanish lessons for business people are designed to learned commercial Spanish in no time and be able to communicate with confidence with their Spanish speakers counterparts.

We help to prepare our School and College Young Students to pass with great grates their Spanish GCSE exams.

What would you learn? what benefits will you get?

You will speak Spanish as from the first lesson, and gradually get acquainted with the Spanish language sounds, until they become second nature to you. 

Each lesson  will be explained to you in detail and your learning will be consolidated with custom made speaking and written exercises.

In each lesson you will learn something new that will become the stepping stone for the next lessons.

We will  require  45 minutes total attention and participation. 

And have fun learning spanish at Anasclassroom!!


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