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My name is Ana and I am the founder of Anas’s Classroom and in my experience as a seasoned Spanish teacher and teaching program developer, I have found six main factors why for many students their learning of Spanish has not been and positive and effective experience.

1) A lack of time dedicated to learning the language or for revision. This can also be due to a lack of motivation to keep yourself committed on the right track in order to enjoy long term retention

2) A lack of purpose for sustainable efforts and devotion to cultivate the language

3) A lack of study skills. Although there are a few good Spanish language lessons and programs on the internet, a lack of study skills will severely affect your motivation and purpose

4) A lack of proper resources and teaching materials

5) The school and teaching methods employed were not designed to encourage conversations and speaking on a one-to-one basis

6) There are simply too many students in the classroom

At AnasClassroom™ I can help you address ALL THESE POINTS. AnasClassroom helps you learn conversational Spanish and Spanish grammar at the comfort of your home and online with a real tutor. It helps you learn at your own pace and faster than ever.
The goal is nothing less than an enriched and enjoyable experience aimed at a long term retention of the language.


  • Ana’s Classroom has revolutionised the traditional methods of teaching Spanish as a foreign language.
  • At Ana’s Classroom you enjoy the personal tuition without having to move from your home.
  • At Ana’s Classroom your Spanish lesson is displayed on the screen of your PC or laptop.
  • Your attention will be fully engaged in learning to speak Spanish as you will communicate directly with your tutor.
  • You will be totally focused, your motivation high and you will learn faster.
  • You will receive instant feedback from your tutor.
  • No more frustrations.
  • Soon you will be able to attempt to respond in Twitter to a Spanish follower.
  • In your next trip to Spain your confidence will be up. You will be able to start a conversation in Spanish, follow it up and make a lot of Spanish friends.
  • In the long term you will improve your job or career prospects here in the UK or in Spain. You will be bilingual!
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  • Ana’s Classroom Spanish video-conference lessons are a practical solution to both you and your child’s Spanish learning needs and goals.
  • At anytime and anywhere you can establish contact with your native Spanish tutor and begin your Spanish lessons.
  • Our interesting Spanish lessons via Skype video-conference are conducted via an interactive multimedia screen. The left side of the screen is allocated to the interactive educational content while the tutor’s video live content appears on the right hand side of the screen, enabling the student to establish a warm relationship with his/her tutor.
  • The distance learning courses via video conferencing have the advantage of keeping the student fully attentive during each lesson. The tutor introduces a diverse range of interactive activities such as games, applications, exercises and illustrated concepts that will successfully engage the student.
  • At Ana’s Classroom we teach Spanish with different interactive exercises that reinforce the student’s learning experience, whilst taking the student progressively onto the next step until his or her goal in speaking Spanish to a higher standard is achieved.
  • Learn to speak and communicate in Spanish quickly and effectively. Set your goals and achieve them.



As a language teacher, I created AnasClassroom to share Spanish learning tips and techniques that have proven effective for my students

Ana Quetal, Founder and Expert Spanish Teacher