Spanish for GCSE and Learning Support to your Child


  • These sessions are for those students who need to reinforce their Spanish.
  • The sessions can be supported on a regular basis. See also:
  • Each Spanish lesson and program can be accessed over weekends, midterm school holidays and most national holidays.
  • Through our video conference sessions your child will be able to contact the tutor in order to revise whilst still being able to enjoy his or her holidays
  • All the student need do is to take an initial assessment test in order to establish his or her Spanish competence level. Once that level is established and the goals of the student discussed then we at AnasClassroom will design a course to meet our agreed goals.
  • In these sessions the tutor will work more intensively with the student to reinforce those concepts where the student feels that his or her knowledge is weak so as to achieve the desired grades at school or college.
    See also:


  • Each student can save and revise every lesson after each session
  • Each student has all day and all week access to our bank of educational resources with plenty of Spanish grammar explanations, exercises and videos.
  • The progress and attendance of each student is evaluated at the end of each quarter and goals can be redefined if necessary


Step 1 – Contact us

Contact Ana on

Step 2 – Assessment

A member of our team will contact you to discuss your goals, your schedule and to check your Spanish language skills. This assessment will take approximately 10–15 minutes.

Step 3 – Confirmation

On completion of steps 1 + 2 you will then receive confirmation of your lesson program by email, setting up the schedule and times of each lesson for the selected course. With this email you will also receive our invoice as an attachment.

Step 4 – Payment

Check your Lesson Confirmation email to ensure that all the details are correct. Open the attached invoice and make payment via PayPal.

All online lessons are to be paid for in advance. Lessons will only proceed upon confirmation of payment

Step 5 – Start lessons

Learning materials will then be sent to the student by email before each lesson begins.

All lessons are conducted via Skype. Sign in to Skype and your tutor will call you at the scheduled time.

Step 6 – Connect to Skype. What you need to do.

All you need is:

AnasClassroom Skype Equipment Needed

1. Access to the internet
2. Create a Skype account. To do this please visit
3. A microphone and / or webcam


Provided you have followed the above 3 easy steps you can then gain access to AnasClassroom distance learning courses from anywhere and at any time.

You will then be connected visually and orally with your Spanish native tutor without ever having to invite your tutor to your own home.

There is no need either to make travelling arrangements, as at our AnasClassroom you will have the benefit of participating in your Spanish lessons with your own tutor in the comfort of your home.

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