Discovering tapas bars in Madrid

what about visiting Cava Baja, the best tapas street in Madrid?

Cava Baja, is the street in Madrid, that homes most of the famous tapas bars of Madrid. Each of the tapas bars in this street has its own atmosphere filled with the smell of home made food, so inviting. Each tapas bar has its own original decoration, beautifully done with stands of bottles of wine. Most of the bars welcome the customers with and original drink… the drink of hope. What kind of food do one eat in these tapas bars? well apart from olives black and green served with most drinks; you can have tostadas, bread with tomatoes, red peppers on olive oil; tostadas and cheese. You can also eat elaborated dishes like ‘tails bulls’ in a bed of mash potatoes and peppers source. Or roasted lamb, or chips and eggs. All these food accompany by delicious Spanish read and white whines. So, next time you are in Madrid, do not forget to visit Cava Baja. Tapas bars you can find all over Spain, but each differ from the other by the cooking customs of the region. I love the taps bars!!!

Have a glance with this video to the variety of bar tapas in Madrid.

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